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Certified Junior Ethical Hacker (Beginner) (CJEH) (40-hours)

Basic hacking
interferes with digital devices and networks by obtaining unauthorized access
to a computer system or account. Even though hacking is not always malicious,
it is most frequently linked to cybercriminals’ online crime and data theft.


The hacker is
the person who does the hacking. Some of the things that can be hacked are as


  • Single systems
  • Email account
  • A group of systems
  • LAN network
  • A website
  • Social media sites, etc.


Course Details –>​

Module 1: Introduction to Cyber security

Module 2: Understanding Cyber Attacks

Module 3: Understanding Dark Side of Social Media

Module 4: Making Computers More Secure

Module 5: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Module 6: Understanding How Systems Communicate Each Other

Module 7: Information Gathering

Module 8: Network Scanning &  Network Sniffing

Module 9: System Hacking

Module 10: Web Application Hacking

Module 11: Hacking and Securing Wireless Networks

Module 12: How You can become a Cyber Security Ambassador in Your School

Module 13: Capture The Flag Challenges

Module 14: Bug Bounty Hunting Essentials

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