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Basic hacking interferes with digital devices and networks by obtaining unauthorized access to a computer system or account. Even though hacking is not always malicious, it is most frequently linked to cybercriminals’ online crime and data theft.

The hacker is the person who does the hacking. Some of the things that can be hacked are as follows:

  • Single systems
  • Email account
  • A group of systems
  • LAN network
  • A website
  • Social media sites, etc.


8th or Equivalent.
Suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C).Any person, who is interested in learning Digital Marketing.

For Whom?

  • Students
  • Self employee
  • MSME Business
  • Small Scale Business
  • Business entrepreneur
  • Digital Business Marketer

Career Opportunities

After completing their Digital marketing course from the institute will be able build their career for the following areas:

  • Social Media Expert
  • Digital Communication Manager
  • Marketing Tech and Automation Manager
  • Performance Marketer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • SEO Expert